Victory in the Pacific
Variant Scenario
Open Turn Two

Text file for Open Turn Two
Vassal file for Open Turn Two

Starts on: Turn Two
7 turns
Initial PoC: IJN +6

Japanese Control: Japanese Islands, Aleutian Islands, Marianas Islands, Indonesia, South Pacific Ocean, Marshall Islands
Allied Control: U.S. Mandate, Coral Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal
Uncontrolled: North Pacific Ocean, Central Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian Islands

All Ports and Bases per Original Set-up
Japanese Ports:
Yokosuka Navy Yard, Saigon, Truk
Japanese Bases: Okinawa, Saipan, Kwajalein, Maloelap
Allied Ports:
Singapore, Pearl Harbor, Samoa, Australia, Ceylon
Allied Bases: Attu, Dutch Harbor, Midway, Philippines, Lae, Guadalcanal, Johnston Island, New Hebrides, Port Moresby, Andaman Islands

Ceylon: All British Turn 2 Reinforcements
Flexible British Forces:  456 Prince of Wales [-4], Revenge, Exeter, and Hermes may base at Ceylon or Singapore
Pearl Harbor: 553 West Virginia [-9], 453 New Mexico, 453 Idaho, 443 Pennsylvania [-7]
Flexible USN Forces:

  • 117 Houston may base in The Philippines, Guadalcanal, New Hebrides, or at any Allied Red Port
  • 117 Louisville, 117 Pensacola, 117 De Ruyter, 117 Australia, and 117 Canberra may base at New Hebrides, Guadalcanal, or any Allied Red Port
  • 553 Maryland [-2], 453 Tennessee [-1], 443 Nevada [-4], 117 New Orleans, 117 Indianapolis, 117 Minneapolis, and each ship in the Location Uncertain Groups may base at any Allied Red Port

Also Available: 7th AF, 10th AF, 11th AF
Yokosuka Navy Yard:  124+3 Junyo, 033 Sasebo
IJN Initial Forces:
All other Turn One and Turn Two Forces may deploy at any IJN-controlled port or base.

Setup Instructions: The Allied player bases each of his ships first.  Then the Japanese player selects his basing, optionally exchanging 033 Yokosuka for Dutch Harbor, Attu, Lae or the Philippines (and placing Yokosuka with Turn 3 reinforcements), and begins Turn Two.  If Houston is displaced, the Allied player bases her after IJN patrols but before doing his own patrols.  All Turn One Allied ships which are not listed are sunk.

OOB Changes: The 1+0* F-Boat is added to the Turn 5 Reinforcements.  The 5th AF is placed in the Turn Three reinforcements.

Notes: The IJN did not control the Central Pacific on Turn One during the war.  In fact, patrols in that area would have alerted the USN to IJN intentions and negated any chance for a surprise attack at Pearl Harbor.  This scenario assumes reasonable raid results at both Indonesia and Pearl Harbor for two rounds.  But it goes beyond that in establishing the control flags in a historical manner and allowing both commanders more historical abilities to base their fleets.  The Japanese score is set so that players could reasonably take either side without a bid.  But, instead of the USN being already trapped at the edge of the board on the first turn it can use its fleet, the USN is given the hole in the perimeter that is so crucial to most Allied strategies.  Have fun!

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