Victory in the Pacific
The Midwest Open
First Weekend of March

The Midwest Open is the premier convention dedicated solely to the play of Victory in the Pacific.  Six rounds of play take up a full Saturday and Sunday with awards late Sunday night.  However, between rounds and Friday night, the dedicated VITP grognards play every other short game you can imagine and then some.  Since Saturday and Sunday lunch and dinner are included in the registration (and snacks are also provided), there's little reason not to fully join the camaraderie for the whole weekend!  Players even get together at 9 am Monday morning for an after-action breakfast.  Sodas are available for five cents (though traditionally players put in $5 or more for the whole weekend as a way to ensure the convention continues forever).  Thus the soda fund has earned its infamy and turns an enormous profit each year.

The time spent together makes the Midwest Open my favorite event of the year.  The tournament ends on the first Sunday of March each year (going on more than 20 years now) and typically draws 25-30 of the best players in the world.

For those who wish to participate, there's even a non-denominational worship service Sunday at 7 am.  Glenn usually has a naval- or game-related parable in his low-key message.  I recommend it even for non-Christians.

Glenn Petroski, the last official Avalon Hill-designated rules-keeper for Victory in the Pacific, is the creator of the convention.  His questions and clarifications are the official last word at every major face-to-face and PBEM tournament for good reason!  The rest of the Petroski family often supports the weekend with visits, cookies, and more.

At just $95 (including four awesome meals), the Midwest Open is the best convention money spent.  Most attendees are willing to share a room or rides!  Don't miss it!

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