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2023 Tournament Theme:
The Joint of the Resurrected

Wow -- what a journey! After Ashley "Angel" Worley did a magnificant job running the 2015 tournament, I bungled the whole hit by losing all the paperwork in my move from Colorado to Michigan. Mob bosses do not take it kindly when a load of hooch goes missing! So from 2016 to 2022, dedicated members of the crime family met on Tuesdays at 10 am and played every year. This year, reigning Godfather "Dangerous" Doug Galullo put Gangsters on the ballot and filled in the event form. The event came up 26th -- just one place out of the promised land. Never fear, it's possible that one of the others will fail to draw a GM by the deadline, and Gangsters will move up. It didn't happen. Now, as it happens, I'm an exhibitor and was checking on getting an event into the convention -- and I saw that Gangsters was on the sponsored list but without a GM.

Turns out Alan "Tick Tock" Arvold paid the sponsorship fee and assumed all was taken care of. But Doug, in the meantime, had volunteered to GM something else using hot rods (Formula De, to be precise). So I volunteered and sent in a few event form. Gangsters returns from the dead at last!

Changes to the Schedule:  This year's schedule is a significant change from past years.  I decided to take advantage of openings in the Euro schedule, even though it was way too late to coordinate with other events. I hope that at least one heat works for all of youse!

Beginner Sessions





6:00 PM

July 24th

Demo Area #4



1) First Saturday

5:00 PM

July 22nd

Grand Ballroom

2) Monday

7:00 PM

July 24th


3) Thursday

9:00 PM

July 27th

Grand Ballroom

4) Saturday

5:00 PM

July 29th

Grand Ballroom

2nd Round (Semi-Final)



8:00 PM

July 29th

Grand Ballroom

3rd Round (Final)



9:00 AM

July 30th


With a sharp focus on running the event, we'll ignore the thematic items this year.  However, each of you is encouraged to bring your squirt guns, grenades, fedoras, pin-striped shirts, name badges, shirts, wrist-bands, shades, hand-cuffs, and every other bit of Gangster goodies you've accumulated.

Reminders -- Players are reminded to fill in all of the end-of-game details; these are needed to calculate the tie-breakers for everyone in your game.  Don't cheat the second-place opponent out of a good tie-break! For that matter, make sure to note any examples of good sportsmanship. A nomination might follow! I really need your funny comments, sportsmanship nominations, play commentary, and other tidbits you write on your player chits in order to create this year's yearbook.

Remember to get payoffs and complete shootouts (in that order) before handing the dice to the next player.

Let the zombies arise and the mayhem commence at your nearest speakeasy!


Gangsters® is a registered trademark of The Avalon Hill Game Company.