2001-2002 World PBEM Championship

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Initial Setup
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Jezebel and the Eyes of Jade (Sharee Pack)

First Purchase:  I will purchase Greenwood Park for $200.

I will introduce myself since I have never played Pitt in a game before. I am, as you know, John's gaming partner for life. We have 4 kids, David (10), Marie (8), Aurora (6) and Mirth (22 months). We home-school our children. My hobbies are cooking, sewing, reading, camping, and, of course, playing games (that's because I married a gamer). My favorite games are War at Sea, Gangsters and Tikal. John and I enjoy doing our hobbies together.  (Except for sewing -- he has never got into that one. Wonder why... ;-).

Both of us have been leaders in Boy Scouts for our whole marriage (coming up on 12 years). I also do Girl Scouts with our daughters. We are in a middle of a move from Sandy, Utah to Parker, Colorado. Well, that's enough on the Pack Family.

Second Purchase:  I buy Hotel Belgrave for $200.

Third Purchase:  I buy Serva's Market for $200.

Strings and the Bullís Eye Gang (Bob Hamel)

First Purchase: I'll purchase the Astoria House for the outragous price of $600.00.

I think I've played at least once with everybody so "Hello" again....  Gangsters is one of our family's (Diana & one son Matthew 14) more popular games (as you can tell by by AREA frequency), seconded only by Atlantic Storm....

Second Purchase: 2nd purchase will be for the Jaeger's Clothier....  Must look "presentable" for the ladies....

Third Purchase:  I buy Myrtle's Massage Parlor....for $100. Now that I've got a Hotel, and a clothing store, might as well have some "entertainment..." That leaves me with $300 cash left.... and Jezebel gets to pocket $500 big ones....

Sluggo and Da Boyz 'n da Gang (Pitt Crandlemire)

First Purchase: Well, if nobody else wants it, I guess I'll take the Bus Station... Especially seeing as how that slinky green-eyed vixen already nabbed the Park!

Hi, Sharee! Though we haven't met, I almost feel as if I know you already since John has spoken about you and your family so much at WBC. I can only hope that you'll be gentle with me here. I haven't played Gangsters since WBC last year, where I was summarily spanked.

Welcome to you, as well, Bob. I wish I could tell you how happy I am to be playing after you (no, really!)

John, John, John... Between Sharee and Bob, I think we're between a rock and a hard place. Waddya say we head over to the Pussycat Club for a drink and a gander at the dames?

Second Purchase:  I'll just hop on over to Brizelli's Riverside ($300) for a little scenic dining.

Third Purchase:  I'll invest in Westgate Hotel. I hear it has a nice view of the Park...

The Viper and the Yella Dogz (John Pack)

First Purchase:  At the Midwest Open I told Bob it'd be interesting to see who ended up with the Park -- since I know Sharee and Pitt both love the place (although their strategies are fairly different otherwise). Guess it was just the luck o' the draw...

As fer Sluggo's suggestion, I'll pass on the lovely women of the Pussycat Club. No need turn green a new shade! Although I admit the Bus Station Antidote was a tempting strategy... (In fact, it was the strategy Sharee used to qualify for the final!)

Instead I'll purchase Brzkowski's Imports fer $400. The public with a discerning palate is welcome to drop by!

Second Purchase: I'll take Wylie's Storage fer $200.  This will be the first time I've ever owned this joint in any game (let alone at set up)!

Third Purchase:  I'll take Huff's Cafe fer $400.  This is also a first for me.  However, there's no chance at a blue monopoly if I don't get this one to start with.  My hope is to upgrade Brzkowski's Imports to Level 2 quickly and then acquire the Ambassadors' Club (which I'll take to Level 3).  As a back-up, I'll try for the difficult blue monopoly.  I'm also hopeful that owning both Wylie's and Huff's will make that corner of the board more functional for me -- providing a safe haven for extortion as well as a good launch pad for my vamp (into the Downtown Bus Station).

Set Up

Sharee/"Jezebel"/Eyes of Jade (Green)
Joints (3):    Greenwood Park ($200x1)
               Hotel Belgrave ($200x1)
               Serva's Market ($200x1)
Racketeer (5): Greenwood Park
Thug (3):      Hotel Belgrave
Vamp (1):      Hotel Belgrave
Turn:          Up
Bribes:        0
Cash:          $200

Bob/"Strings"/Bull's Eye Gang (Red)
Joints (3):    Astoria House ($600x1)
               Jaeger's Clothier ($100x1)
               Myrtle's Massage Parlor ($100x1)
Racketeer (5): Myrtle's Massage Parlor
Thug (1):      Jaeger's Clothier
Vamp (1):      Jaeger's Clothier
Turn:          Not Moved
Bribes:        0
Cash:          $500

Pitt/"Sluggo"/Da Boyz 'n da Gang (Brown)
Joints (3):    Downtown Bus Station ($300x1)
               Brizelli's Riverside ($300x1)
               Westgate Hotel ($300x1)
Racketeer (5): Downtown Bus Station
Thug (1):      Westgate Hotel
Vamp (1):      Brizelli's Riverside
Turn:          Not Moved
Bribes:        0
Cash:          $400

John/"The Viper"/Yella Dogz (Yellow)
Joints (3):    Brzkowski's Imports ($400x1)
               Wylie's Storage ($200x1)
               Huff's Cafe ($400x1)
Racketeer (5): Brzkowski's Imports 
Thug (2):      Wylie's Storage 
Vamp (1):      Wylie's Storage 
Turn:          Not Moved
Bribes:        0
Cash:          $100

Public x1:    In the Cup
Public x1:    In the Cup
Public x2:    In the Cup
Public x3:    In the Cup

Cop #2:       In the Cup
Cop #3:       In the Cup
Cop #4:       In the Cup
Cop #5:       In the Cup
Cop #6:       In the Cup
Cop #7:       In the Cup
Cop #8:       In the Cup
Cop #9:       In the Cup
Cop #10:      In the Cup

Crimes in Progress:  0
Cops on Patrol:      0

10 remaining to be drawn

To Turn One

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