Text Status of Practice Game #2

Game Ends during Turn Fifteen

Alfred "Flash Flood" Wong
Joints (9): Greenwood Park (200x2)
Huck's Marine (200x1)
Grinders (200x1)
CK'S Tobacco (500x1)
Burly's Beefhaus (400x1)
Serva's Market (200x1)
Martha's Commisary (100x1)
Brandon's Bikeshop (400x1)
Jack's Autobody (100x1)

Racketeer (4): Jack's Auto Body
Thug (1): Snuff Shoppe (Criminal)
Vamp (1): Albemarle House (Criminal)
Turn: Done
Bribes: 1
Cash: Wins with $10,700

Kevin "Shades" Wojtaszczyk
Joints (7): Ambassadors' Club (400x1)
Hotel Belgrave (200x1)
Sadler's Stichery (100x1)
Joe's Lanes (100x2)
Pussycat Club (500x1)
Jaeger's Clothier (100x2)
Brizelli's Riverside (300x1)

Racketeer (1): Jack's Auto Body (criminal)
Thug (0): Where'd those Joint Guards come from?
Vamp (1): Jaeger's Clothier
Turn: Done
Bribes: 2
Cash: $8300

Eugene "Easy Z" Zehner
Joints (7): Downtown Bus Station (300x1)
Palace Chophouse (100x1)
Taylor's Machine Shop (300x1)
Westgate Hotel (300x1)
SMC Cartage Co. (300x1)
Strohm and Sons Auto Repair (300x1)
Franklin Hostel (200x1)

Racketeer (3): Caravan Club (Criminal)
Thug (1): SMC Cartage Co.
Vamp (1): Channel View (Criminal)
Turn: Done
Bribes: 0
Cash: $4600

Kaarin "The Enforcer" Engelmann
Joints (5): Brzkowski's Imports (400x1)
Martin & Son Carriage Repair (600x1)
Astoria House (600x2)
Lou's Diner: ($100x1)
Shop 'n' Save: ($300x1)

Racketeer (2): Hawthorne Hotel
Thug (0): Want a bullet with that coffee?
Vamp (1): The Loop 10 (facing 9)
Turn: Done
Bribes: 0
Cash: $3400

Public x1: The Viaduct 1 (faces Central Avenue Bridge 1)
Public x1: In the Cup
Public x2: In the Cup
Public x3: Greenwood Park (Criminal)

Cop #2: Central Bypass 2 (facing 1)
Cop #3: North Ave 2 (facing 1)
Cop #4: Southside Dr 4 (faces 3)
Cop #5: In the Cup
Cop #6: Broadway 8 (faces Clark Street 3)
Cop #7: Southside Dr. 3 (faces 2)
Cop #8: Westside 10 (faces 9)
Cop #9: In the Cup
Cop #10: In the Cup

Crimes in Progress: 6
Cops on Patrol: 6

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