Gang Busters Quiz, Part II

Question Four

Sometimes you just feel like spraying your opponents with hot lead. Your Thug (8) at the Cavalry Club has new Heaters. With a roll of 4 on the black die, your boys can reach three different Red joints: Midland House where Red's Racketeer (6) is drinking a cappuccino, Serva's Market with the Red Thug (3), and the Hotel Belgrave (Level 3). Which joint do you have the best chance to knock out? Which is the cheapest to hit?

Answer Four

Question Five

Vamps love to lounge around subway stations, ready to pounce on unsuspecting gangsters all the way across the board. Where is the safest place for a Racketeer to buy Wheels when no other gang has Wheels yet?

Answer Five

Question Six

Your Siren and Thug move into Burly's Beefhaus where Brown's Racketeer (2) and Thug (2) are eating. How can you ensure the Siren's safety in the upcoming shootout?

Answer Six

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