BPA World Email Championships

Start Date: February 15th, 2001

Rules: The standard rules, Official Clarifications, and PBEM Format as modified below.

Advanced Rules: Used if all players in a game agree. Random movement order is not recommended as it slows the transition between players.

Time commitment: 1 hour/week roughly

Participants: All BPA members who sign up on or before 6:00 pm MDT of the start date of any round. Registration remains open until a minimum of 16 BPA members have signed up. Associate membership ($11) permits entry in any PBEM tournament that begins in the year of membership!

GM: John R. Pack, john@gameaholics.com, 1216 East Tamara Street, Sandy, Utah 84094, USA. (801) 523-0571. Assistant GM: Michael Anchors, manchors@aol.com.

Round Length: 4 months

Format: Round Robin (3 Rounds). Players play as many or as few of the initial three rounds as desired. The four players with the best records including at least one win advance to the final round.

Alternate Format: Single-Elimination if 16 or fewer entrants have signed up by the start date. In this case, no game will have fewer than 4 players.

Final Ranking: A victory will be worth 10 tournament points (TP). The remaining places will be determined using WBC Tie-breakers. In a 4-player match, 2nd Place is worth 4 TP while 3rd Place is worth 1 TP. In a 3-player match, 2nd place is worth 3 TP. The final ranking will be the sum of all tournament points. In the event of a tie, results of head to head competition followed by the sum of AREA rankings of opponents will determine advancement.

Pairings: All games will have at least 3 players. Players will be paired (as much as possible) against opponents they have not played (or have played the least). Initial pairings will be seeded so that highly ranked players will be in different games; in the second and third round, players will be paired randomly against new opponents.

A.R.E.A.: All games will be AREA rated. The GM will automatically report the results of all games. All players should keep me appraised of their current snail mail address, email address, and phone number for AREA records. Players without an AREA# or rating will automatically be assigned an AREA# and nominal starting rating of 5000. This service is free. Anyone who has played at Avaloncon since 1997 already has an AREA# and rating.

Drop Outs: Players may drop out or join in at the end of any round. Dropping out in the middle of a game will result in an AREA loss and poor sportsmanship record. Resigning after finding a stand-by to fill in will result in an AREA loss unless the stand-by wins (in which case the stand-by will get credit for an AREA win).

Incomplete Games: All games which are incomplete at the conclusion of a round will be awarded on the basis of the WBC Tie-breakers.

Reporting: One player will be designated by the GM to report the complete status of each game at the end of each turn. This information will be available on the tournament website.

Trophy: The champion will receive a BPA PBEM Gangsters Championship Plaque. The final four will be listed in the Raidin' da Joint newzletta' together with a summary of the final match!

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