World Championship Prizes

The first place winner will receive a plaque from the convention as well as a "Centurion T-Shirt" (one of which will be given to each of the 100 winners in the Competition Century). The second, third, and fourth place mobsters will also receive plaques!  The top six places earn Laurels toward the BPA Caesar and Consul competitions.

In addition to the standard prizes, there are five special, additional prizes shown below.  See who's won these special awards in past years!

The "Roadkill"

For the victim of the most drive-by shootings!


The "I think She
likes me!" Award

For the victim of the most seductions!


The "Junior
Godfather" Award

For the best novice player (entered the Novice Division
or had 0-1 games of prior experience)


The "Barney
Fife" Award

For the first player to use Barney Fife (Cop #2)
to eliminate two rival gangsters in a single attack or
who whiffs completely with Robocop (Cop #10)!

The "Cement Overshoes" Sportsmanship Award

Our sportsmanship award; nominate anyone you think qualifies!
The winner is also nominated for the World Boardgaming
Championships' Sportsman of the Year Award.

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