Original Articles
The Dice Got Me Again!
Everything You Could Want to Know about PBEM VITP
Fast, Enjoyable Email Play

A Further Role of the Dice
Battles of Numbers
Unit Values in VITP
You might be a PBEM player if...
VITP Terminology

Boardgamer Articles
Reflections on the Tournament Trail (Boardgamer V2 #3)

Articles from The General
Keep on Truk-In'

The Maniacal Approach
Nuts, Bolts, Philosophy, and Design
Pearl Harbor Defended
Pilots, Man Your Planes
TKO in Three
TKO in Two
Series Replay: General 28-5

Tournament Variants
Official Adjustments
Menzel Options
Open Turn Two

Non-Tourament Variants
Normal Turn One (NT1)
Normal Turn One Revised (NT1b)
Original A
djustment Proposal
A Quick, Random Start

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