Victory in the Pacific

Are you a PBEM Player?
by John R. Pack

Your Victory in the Pacific Opponent might be a PBEM Player IF….

  1. He rolls twice as many dice as needed. “This half of the box lid is column two.”
  2. He places his LBA in groups.
  3. He wants to roll the first round of action in every area before going on to the second.
  4. He can spell the names of the Japanese ships and knows the numbers of each ship by name.
  5. He complains about the dice “server.” Real dice are his friends.
  6. He knows what “Are we playing with 1 and 2?” means.
  7. He thinks a “quick” game lasts just 10 weeks.
  8. He thinks AREA ratings still have letter qualifiers.
  9. He has the 15th of January, May, and September marked on his calendar.
  10. He waits for the Japanese to launch their air raids after their Turn One patrols.
  11. He thinks time limits should be expressed in months rather than hours.
  12. He bases first as the USN because “it might save a couple of days.”
  13. He thinks the order of battle resolution is a theoretical construct.
  14. He expects a single win to move him half-way to the top of the standings.
  15. He’s “just about to win” a game – in another six weeks or so.
  16. Pearl Harbor Day is the most important holiday – and it comes several times each year!
  17. He’s rusty or in a dry spell when it’s been three days since he played.
  18. He’s trying to figure out how to use chess clocks by email.
  19. He got married, had a baby, or retired in the middle of a game. (And he remembers more details about the game!)
  20. He knows his day/night preference for every area and is prepared to whine about them all simultaneously!
  21. He thinks we should attack Japan [instead of Iraq]. Do you know how many times they’ve raided Pearl Harbor?

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