Victory in the Pacific
Quick Round

The Quick Round games will show only the PoC score on the Ladder web page. Detailed reporting will not be requested or used for any games (hopefully to speed up play even further)!

Schedule: Quick rounds will begin 6 weeks after the start of the regular round. Players who are finished with their ladder games or whose progress in those games makes prompt completion a certainty are welcome to join in. New players may also join in -- and count their first quick round game as a King-of-the-Hill Ladder game.

Timing: Players are expected to make a move once every other day on the average. Naturally, this does not apply to periods where one is unable to play (vacation, emergencies, etc.) -- provided one's opponent is notified as quickly as possible.

Pairings: Pairings will be at random with one caveat -- the GM will attempt to match players against new opponents (such that recent ladder and quick round opponents won't be re-scheduled).

Otherwise, quick round games adhere to the normal PBEM format and guidelines.

Victory in the Pacific® is a registered trademark of The Avalon Hill Game Company.