World Email Championships
Universal PBEM Tournament Format


The following tournament brackets and format were created after an intense, six month review of various options. Feedback was sought and obtained throughout the process as over 85 individual letters and surveys were returned. Each of the individual elements of the tournament enjoys the approval of 60-100% of those returning surveys.

Additional commentary is welcome at any time. In the meanwhile, I encourage you to enjoy the fruits of a unique format within the BPA and the new heights of competition it will bring to Victory in the Pacific!


Start Date: September 15th, 1999 (and every two years thereafter). Note: The ongoing Ladder Bracket allows new entrants every four months.

Next Start Date:  September 15th, 2025

Rules: The 2nd Edition, Official Clarifications, and Universal PBEM Format with PBEM Format Clarifications as modified below and in the specific format for each bracket. As needed the GM and two assistant GMs may also make rulings in cases not covered by any of the above; three assistant GMs and/or Glenn Petroski, as designated by the GM, will make such rulings if needed in the GM's own games.

Time commitment: 1.5 hours/week roughly

Sign Up: On or before 6:00 pm Eastern Time of the start date.

GM: John R. Pack,, 5030 Vassar Road, Grand Blanc, Michigan  48439.  (810) 341-4029.
Assistant GMs: John Lindley, Mike Kaye, Ed Menzel, and Greg Smith

Brackets: The World Email Championships for Victory in the Pacific are split into three brackets: The BPA Open Single-Elimination Bracket, the Open King-of-the-Hill Ladder Bracket, and the Top Ten Invitational Bracket. This triple format was chosen to permit an intense level of competition among the top ranked players by pitting them against all of the other top-ranked players, foster competition at every level, allow the tournament to finish in less than two years, and repeat the process by bringing the very best from each format of competition together every two years. The discarded alternative was to adopt a 3-4 year format that might eliminate a top player by virtue of a single run of bad luck. (Of course, in a way, the current brackets could be looked at as a 4-year tournament -- with prizes every two years.)

Cost: None (though BPA membership is required for the BPA Open Single-Elimination Bracket). Voluntary donations to defray the purchase and engraving costs of the trophies are welcome, however.

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