Victory in the Pacific
Alternate History Scenario
Emperor in Exile

Text file for Emperor in Exile

History: The Japanese land campaigns in Burma and India where hugely successful as were naval campaign against Her Majasty's Royal Navy.  Ultimately, those successes resulted in the conquest of Australia.  No British presence remains in Asia.  However, the island-hoping campaign of the United States has been relentlessly successful.  Japan herself has been invaded and the naval facilities captured -- forcing all remaining IJN naval forces to flee with the Emperor and War Cabinet to their Southeast Asia holdings where they continue to fight.

Captured British naval yards have been pressed into service to repair hulked ships.  The Imperial Army has supplied troops for naval landing forces.  But the outlook is grim against the massive production capacity of the United States.  Nonetheless, a grim determination to achieve successes before all of Japan comes under US control dominates the IJN command.  From Saigon, they plot their final offensive.

Starts on: Turn 9
3 turns
Initial PoC: IJN +22

Japanese Control: Indonesia, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal
Allied Control: Japanese Islands, Aleutian Islands, North Pacific Ocean, Central Pacific Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, Marshall Islands, Hawaiian Islands, U.S. Mandate, Coral Sea
Uncontrolled: Marianas Islands

Japanese Ports: Ceylon, Saigon, Singapore, Truk, Australia
Japanese Bases: New Hebrides, Okinawa, Philippines, Lae, Port Moresby, Andaman Islands
Allied Ports:
Pearl Harbor, Samoa, Yokosuka Navy Yard
Allied Bases: Johnston Island, Guadalcanal, Kwajalein, Maloelap, Saipan, Midway, Attu, Dutch Harbor

IJN Initial Forces: 2x695, 2x554, 444, 4x436, 6x1+27, 4x1+18, 2x1+17, 138+4, 128+3, 2x124+3, 1953, 3x1273, 0373, 2x0161, 0041, 6x34*, 2x033, I-Boat (Place in any IJN Port/Base)
USN Initial Forces: 4x5+97, 3x5+65, 565, 553, 2x453. 4x127, 9x117, 2x137+4, 2x027+4, 6x027+2, 6x24*, 3x043, F-Boat (Place in any USN Port; up to 3 in USN Bases)
Pearl Harbor: 2x443, 347, 2x137+4 (Turn 9 Reinforcements)

IJN Reinforcements (Saigon): Any 1 cruiser and 1 carrier from the dead/unused pile per turn. Reinforcing units arrive one point of damage shy of the maximum; reinforcing carriers do not have the attack bonus even if printed on the counter. Returning LBA arrive with 3 damage each. Returning NLF have 2 damage each including Yokosuka which comes in at any port on the second turn. Saigon can repair 1 point of damage/turn.

USN Reinforcements (Pearl Harbor): Any 3 surface ships and 4 carriers from the dead/unused pile per turn. 4x24* and 2x043 also arrive on 2nd turn (Turn 10).  Any Battleship selected as a reinforcement with an attack factor of 5 or more returns to action with radar gunnery (attack bonus) and improved engines (speed 7).

Special Rules: The Japanese player sets up first.  The IJN also places submarines first and selects and places reinforcements and returning units first.  Otherwise, everything runs per the normal rules.

Designer's Notes: The scenario is set up to give each side a lot of choices -- albeit most of the offensive choices belong to the Allied player.  The initial port placement will give the IJN some additional options, since the USN is likely to split its forces.  Both sides have a submarine in order to keep the other honest in the "safe" areas behind the lines of both players!  Of course, players can freely take the risk in order to use resources elsewhere too.

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