Victory in the Pacific
Common Endgame Scenario
Remember Pearl Harbor!

Text file for Remember Pearl Harbor

Position: The Japanese have conquered most of the Pacific, but suffered set-backs in the Central Pacific and Hawaiian Islands.  If Midway is poking in their side, Pearl Harbor is the poison behind the stinger as the USN prepares to counterattack.

Starts on: Turn 6
Time: 3 turns
Initial PoC: IJN +29

Japanese Control: Japanese Islands, Aleutian Islands, North Pacific Ocean, Marianas Islands, Indonesia, South Pacific Ocean, Marshall Islands
Allied Control: Central Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian Islands, Coral Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal
Uncontrolled: U.S. Mandate

Japanese Ports: Yokosuka Navy Yard, Saigon, Singapore, Truk
Japanese Bases: Okinawa, Attu, Dutch Harbor, Saipan, The Philippines, Lae, Guadalcanal, Kwajalein, Maloelap
Allied Ports:
Pearl Harbor, Samoa, Australia, Ceylon
Allied Bases: Midway, Johnston Island, New Hebrides, Port Moresby, Andaman Islands

Initial Forces
Pearl Harbor: 5+65 Alabama, 127 Baltimore, 127 Boston, 137+4 Essex, 137+4 CV 10, 137+4 CV 16, 027+2 Independence, 027+2 Princeton, 027+2 Belleau Wood, 027+2 Cowpens, 027+2 Monterey, 043 4th Marines (Turn 6 Reinforcements)
Ceylon: 456 Prince of Wales., 443 Ramillies., 117 Cornwall., 117 Devonshire., 117 Dorsetshire., 117 Exeter., 0272 Formidable., 1241 Hermes.

Flexible IJN Forces: 2x695, 554, 2x444, 2x436, 4x1+27, 3x1+18, 3x1+17, 1+07, 146+4, 138+4, 005+2, 014+1, 5xLBA, 2x033, I-Boat

Flexible USN Forces: 3x5+65, 2x565, 2x453, 10x117, 2x117., 137+4, 026+4, 10xLBA, 2x043

Special Rules: Prior to play, the Japanese player places units in "Flexible IJN Forces" at any owned base or port.  Then the Allied player places its "Flexible USN Forces" at any owned port and up to five ships at owned bases.  Then begin with Turn 6 IJN patrols.  Missing amphibious units and LBA return to play on Turn 7.

Designer's Notes: A USN player who keeps control of Pearl Harbor will be working hard to open the Central Pacific for the Turn 6 reinforcements to flood through.  This is the scenario that simulates what happens when the USN gets its wish.  Can the Japanese defend their huge lead with what's left of their navy?

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