Victory in the Pacific


Last Updated: Summer 2014

Face-to-face tournaments of Victory in the Pacific involving large numbers of players (32+) require so many five-hour rounds that the tournaments take 2-3 days.  Worse, a really bad run of dice can ruin a player's chances at the top position.  As a result, GMs are seeking for ways to test players skill in shorter rounds (thereby allowing more rounds to be played without lengthening the entire tournament).  One possible solution is the play of shorter 3-5 turn scenarios,  The scenarios which have been developed or presented thus far are listed and linked below.  You are invited to try them out, report your experience, and help us develop some well-balanced, shorter tests-of-skill.  When the scenarios have been adequately tested, they'll be available for tournament GMs to use -- provided that they're well-balanced.  Enjoy!

The scenarios fit into three categories.  Alternate History comprises situations that could not have come about during the course of the war and which are impossible in terms of standard game play.  Some have additional (or variant) rules.  Unusual Situations consist of positions which could occur during normal play but which are rarely or never seen.  No additional or variant rules are used, though the Order-of-Battle (OOB) may change.  Common Endgames consist of scenarios that re-create the USN counter-attack during Turns 6-8 (or, occasionally, Turn 9) from positions that are frequently seen in tournament play.  The initial PoC score is set to balance the game.  Historical Scenarios consist of set ups based on historical results at the start of the designated turn.  The game is then played normally using all standard rules and OOB to its Turn 8 conclusion.  Again, the PoC score is set to balance the game.  Only one such scenario exists for each turn.  The number of turns the scenario lasts is shown (as a rough guess at playing time).

Alternate History Scenarios

Emperor in Exile (3 Turns)
War is Imminent (5 Turns)

Unusual Situation Scenarios

How'd We Lose Something That Big, Mate? (3 Turns)
Maybe I Won't Return! (3 Turns)
Where Have All the British Gone? (3 Turns)

Common Endgame Scenarios

The Full Applebaum (4 Turns)
Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (3 Turns)
Remember Pearl Harbor (3 Turns)
The Slot is Open (3 Turns)

Historical Scenarios

Historical Turn Two (7 Turns)
Open Turn Two (7 Turns)
Historical Turn Four (5 Turns)

Scenario Submission

Feel free to submit additional scenarios or suggestions for scenarios for any of the categories.  Well-balanced, enjoyable scenarios have a good chance of being included in the third edition of the game!  Scenario creators are encouraged to submit a text file describing the scenario, the set-up, the OOB, and any changes to the normal rules.  Scenario creators should also submit a text file containing the initial set-up and OOB (using the standard template as a guide) and, if possible, a Vassal (.vsav) file containing the starting position and OOB (modified from the regular set-up).  As an aide to scenario creation, I've set up a sorted text file listing the entire OOB by side, turn, and type -- feel free to use it!

See the existing scenarios for examples of the set-up/OOB files and the format for descriptive text, variants, and alternate rules.

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