Victory in the Pacific
Alternate History Scenario
War is Imminent

Text file for War is Imminent

History: US code-breakers made a breakthrough in November 1941 -- that alerted them to Japanese intentions at Pearl Harbor and their intent to declare war.  Franklin D. Roosevelt advised Winston Churchill of the discovery.  Together they plan to get a jump on the Japanese.  All forces are on alert and deployed for war.  As a result, the Pearl Harbor raid begins the war -- but doesn't find anything there to sink.  In fact, all it finds is very active AA guns.  Nonetheless, the port and airfield take some damage.

Meanwhile, the Allies are ready to launch a strike of their own...  Can IJN war aims still be realized?

Starts on: Turn 1
5 turns
Initial PoC: USN +6

Japanese Control: Japanese Islands, Marianas Islands, Marshall Islands
Allied Control: Aleutian Islands, North Pacific Ocean, Central Pacific Ocean, Indonesia, South Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian Islands, U.S. Mandate, Coral Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal

Japanese Ports: Yokosuka Navy Yard, Saigon, Truk
Japanese Bases: Okinawa, Saipan, Kwajalein, Maloelap
Allied Ports:
Singapore, Pearl Harbor, Samoa, Australia, Ceylon
Allied Bases: Attu, Dutch Harbor, Midway, Philippines, Lae, Guadalcanal, Johnston Island, New Hebrides, Port Moresby, Andaman Islands

Initial Forces
Yokosuka Navy Yard: 554 Mutsu, 554 Nagato, 444 Fuso, 444 Hyuga, 1+27 Ashigara, 1+27 Myoko, 1+27 Nachi, 1+27 Takao, 1+18 Chikuma, 1+18 Kumano, 1+18 Mikuma, 1+18 Mogami, 1+18 Suzuya, 1+18 Tone, 1+17 Kako, 1+17 Kinugasa, 1+07 Kitakami, 1+07 Oi, 015+2 Ryujo, 005+2 Zuiho, 014+1 Hosho, 34* 21 AirFlot, 34* 22 AirFlot, 34* 23 AirFlot, 34* 24 AirFlot, 34* 25 AirFlot, 34* 26 AirFlot, 033 Yokosuka
Singapore: 456 Prince of Wales., 444 Warspite., 443 Ramillies., 443 Resolution., 443 Revenge., 443 Royal Sovereign., 336 Repulse., 117 Cornwall., 117 De Ruyter., 117 Dorsetshire., 117 Exeter., 0272 Formidable., 0272 Indomitable., 1241 Hermes.
Truk: 444 Ise, 444 Yamashiro, 1+17 Aoba, 1+17 Furutaka (*May not move*)
Australia: 117 Australia., 117 Canberra.

Pearl Harbor Strike Force: 436 Haruna, 436 Hiei, 436 Kirishima, 436 Kongo, 1+27 Atago, 1+27 Chokai, 1+27 Haguro, 1+27 Maya, 146+4 Akagi, 145+4 Kaga, 138+4 Shokaku, 138+4 Zuikaku, 128+3 Soryu, 118+3 Hiryu, 1+0* I-Boat

Flexible USN Forces: 553 Maryland, 553 West Virginia, 453 California, 453 Tennessee, 443 Arizona, 443 Nevada, 443 Oklahoma, 443 Pennsylvania, 117 Astoria, 117 Chester, 117 Chicago, 117 Houston, 117 Indianapolis, 117 Louisville, 117 Minneapolis, 117 New Orleans, 117 Northampton, 117 Pensacola, 117 Portland, 117 Quincy, 117 Salt Lake City, 117 San Francisco, 117 Vincennes, 137+4 Lexington, 137+4 Saratoga, 027+4 Enterprise, 027+4 Hornet, 027+4 Yorktown, 24* 5th A.F., 24* 7th A.F., 24* 14th A.F., 24* Naval, 043 3rd Marines

Special Rules
1) Prior to play Allied player places "Flexible USN Forces" at any friendly Port or base; bases are limited to a maximum of 5 units each. Normal movement is then conducted -- except that IJN forces at Truk may not move.
2) After the Allied raiders are placed, the Pearl Harbor Strike Force may launch two rounds of air raids at any units remaining in Pearl Harbor -- of which there should be none.  The I-Boat may strike at any ship in the Hawaiian Islands.  The Allies are then allowed one Anti-Aircraft shot at each IJN carrier.  Disable results are ignored.  Hits are handled normally except that damage above the maximum damage sustainable by the carrier without sinking is ignored.
3) There is no air raid in Indonesia.
4) Next, any Allied carriers adjacent to Truk may launch two rounds of air raids against IJN ships there regardless of any IJN defense in the area(s) containing the carriers.
5) Afterwards, return the Pearl Harbor Strike Force to base.
6) The remainder of combat and the rest of the game proceed per normal rules.

Reinforcement Schedule Changes: Turn 2 British reinforcements are moved to Singapore on Turn 1.  Move the LBA and Marines from Turn 5 into at start forces (part of the Flexible USN Forces).  British reinforcements may arrive at any legal port.  The Victorious (Turn 5) may arrive at any Allied port.  There are no British withdrawals.  All other reinforcements are as printed with the 2nd edition.

Designer's Notes: This is a worst-case scenario for Japan.  The surprise attack is completely foiled -- and the Allies are ready with one of their own.  In fact, the Allies have rushed additional forces into the Pacific in preparation for the fight.  The Allies even start out ahead.  Can the superior IJN fleet still win the part of the war that comes before the massive Allied reinforcements that would appear on Turn 6 (if there was one)?

The supposition behind this scenario is "what if the Allies knew exactly what the Japanese were up to?"  What would they do in response?  The IJN won't look very good on Turn 1 -- with so many resources committed to the failed raid.  However, the USN can expect them to come on with a vengeance starting on Turn 2.  Can the USN avoid what happens in a regular tournament game -- with the IJN racking up a huge lead?  Here's your chance to find out!

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