* * 2015-2017 Top 10 Invitational * *
Andy Gardner (IJN; Bid 1.5) vs. John Pack (USN)

The Open Turn Two scenario is in play.

Turn 2

USN Commentary: I set up with 3 CV in Australia and 2 in Pearl Harbor.  I can think of good reasons to split 2/3 but any 4/1 or 5/0 splits are going to give too much away to the IJN right away.

Pre-combat Map

Andy is extremely aggressive -- and imaginatively so.  His use of surface in Indonesia makes me regret the 443 patroller in Bay of Bengal.  Aside from USM, which I secured with LBA against a mere two patrollers, I choose to fight in just two areas --the Marshall Islands, where my three patrollers give me an excellent chance of establishing the block and saving Pearl Harbor.  Andy used his NLF to take the Philippines on the unplayed Turn One -- which is why he doesn't have an invasion force in the Allied Home Areas this turn.  That makes the Marshalls Block easier to establish.

The second area is Indonesia.  A pure night on the first round will let Andy shoot at Hermes and all three USN CV.  I need to win a day, day/night, or have the IJN merely disable my USN CV in order to come out of this OK.  However, I figure 58% is good odds against Andy.

Post-Combat Map

The IJN were very effective in the areas where I sent no raiders.  The above map shows the position with USN basing -- before IJN basing.

However, the results in the Marshalls were devastating.  A first round day action saw the IJN CVL miss their USN CV targets.  Obviously, Andy was not trying to save the flag.  In return, one IJN CVL was sunk and the other crippled and sent back to Japan.  The next round was night action -- which saw Mutsu disable a patroller before being sunk.

In Indonesia, the first round was day followed by night.  During the day action, the IJN disabled two USN CV.  In return, the USN CV targeted the three 444 BB -- and sank them all.  Hermes and Formidable crippled and disabled Nagato.  That ended the IJN surface lap.  Worse, the remaining LBA and British CVL shot down one LBA and put two damage on the other -- an amazingly lucky round of fire.  In the night round, the IJN sank a CA and disabled a BB while the USN disabled two CA.  The IJN retreated with no pursuit.

IJN Surrender:  My position is pretty hopeless after losing both Indo and the Marshalls on T2. I put together a poor move and forgot the basics. Having a chunk of the IJN fleet go down and merely disabling all 5 USN CV's is enough for me.

USN Comments:  The basics referred to are -- never allowing the USN to control the Marshalls on Turn Two and always putting enough in Indonesia to covert Singapore on Turn Two.  My own experience is that one had better convert Singapore or sink at least four USN CV in the defense.  The forward basing of so many British surface ships, USN CA, and USN CV is just a brutal position.  That Pearl Harbor and Samoa are already saved as well ices the game.

I really liked Andy's move -- but Indonesia had to be strong enough to at least intimidate the USN from going there.

IJN Scenario Comments:  I like the open T2 concept. Obviously, I was trying something different in our game but misplaced an LBA (Indo should have had one more, SPO one less.

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