* * 2019-2021 Top 10 Invitational * *
Daniel Blumentritt (IJN; Bid 0.5) vs. Dennis Nicholson (USN)

The 3c Menzel adjustments are in play.

Turn 1
Turn 2
Turn 3
Turn 4
Turn 5
Turn 6
Turn 7
Turn 8

Turn 1

IJN Report: Turn 1 deployments, raid results, and location uncertain results shown above.

Turn 2

IJN Report: South Pacific: My LBA misses but only take 3 damage in return. The I-Boat disables the Hornet. I stay for a 2nd round and inflict 2 damage on Saratoga while getting shot down.

Marshalls: It’s day-night. I sink De Ruyter at day but then we both miss at night. I get another day and sink Australia, then pursue Canberra and get day again and sink her too.

Central Pacific: Yorktown gets day and sinks Ashigara.

Indonesia: I sink Enterprise and an LBA but don’t sink any of the British. Not great, but in return I only lose one LBA. In the next round I sink Hermes and cripple Formidable but whiff on his LBA while losing 1 of my own. With 3 LBA and Junyo facing 2 LBA of his during a day round, he elects to retreat. I pursue for a round so that Junyo can sink the crippled Formidable, which would result in the British having no CV power after the removals a turn from now. However, Junyo only disables Formidable, so I stop chasing – the BBs will take too long to remove and he’d eventually get a Night.

Bay of Bengal: Haruna and Royal Sovereign disable each other and Royal Sovereign takes 2 damage as well, so I steal the POC successfully.

US Mandate: First round is night and I sink 3 cruisers and disable the other patrollers, that’s some more POC stolen at least. In return he doesn’t inflict any damage on my surface ships but sinks all 3 carriers! With 5, 5, and 6 standard shots at them, I figured one of the CVs would survive. I stay for another round and only sink 1 cruiser and ding another, but then he only hits Kirishima for 2 and doesn’t sink anything. Now that I have no patrollers, he goes ahead and withdraws.

Coral Sea: In an opening night round, I sink San Francisco and cripple Pennsylvania without disabling it. Dennis sinks Haguro and disables Myoko to steal back the 2 POC I stole in the US Mandate. He gets night again but Pennsylvania misses and goes under. I make the unusual decision to invade Guadalcanal, rather than New Hebrides or even Port Moresby, since I have only 3 LBA and 9 CV next turn without flags in SPO and Marshalls.

There’s no combat in Hawaii as I finish off all 3 BBs repairing in Pearl. Next turn will be very unusual as Guadalcanal is Japanese while Lae is Allied, and SPO-Marshalls-CPO are all unflagged, as are both USM and Coral. I took the worst of the air attrition by far but he took the worse of the surface attrition. Sasebo wasn’t needed so I’ll have 2 amphibious units next turn. He kept 2 of the 3 Northeast bases but can only keep 3 ships up there.

Indonesia 3, Japan 3, Marianas 2, Hawaii 2, Aleutians 0 = 10
Indian Ocean 0, North Pacific 1 = 1
Net Japan +9
Total Japan +13

Turn 3

IJN Report: Marshalls: My LBA sinks the Yorktown before going down in flames.

South Pacific: The US cruisers get night and disable Sasebo away with 3 damage.

Marianas: Nagato and Idaho disable each other and Nagato also receives 4 damage.

Hawaii: In the first round I shoot down 1 LBA and damage 2 others. The Allied LBA have a great round as they disable Akagi, cripple Shokaku, and sink Soryu and Junyo. In the second round, I shoot down 1 LBA again, and this time all the Allied air units can do is disable Shoho. In the third round I put 3 damage on his last fresh Air Force, leaving his remaining LBA all damaged at -2, -2, and -3; all he can do is disable Hosho. In the fourth round I shoot down the maxed LBA (with 2 hits for 5 damage :/ ) but then Dennis sinks both Zuiho and Kaga! With no airpower left, I withdraw.

US Mandate: The first round is Night and we each remove the opposing patrollers, sinking 1 and damaging + disabling the other. The I-Boat misses the Saratoga. The USN retreats and Yamashiro cannot pursue.

Coral Sea: In the first round, both sides roll poorly and all that happens is Portland and Mutsu each take 1 damage. In the second round, I finish off Portland but only put 1 damage on Minneapolis, while Mutsu is disabled while taking 3 more damage. The USN retreats and Fuso cannot pursue.

Japan 3, South Pacific 2, Central Pacific 1, North Pacific 1, Aleutians 0 = 7

Bengal 1, Indonesia 1, Indian Ocean 0, Hawaii 3 = 5
Net Japan +2
Total Japan +15

Turn 4

IJN Report: Coral/USM/Hawaii: We get Day in all three areas and Dennis dings Mogami and Maya for 1 damage each, and I hightail it out of there in each case.

North Pacific: Mikuma misses the patrolling Salt Lake City and is sunk by the Louisville. The US Marines invade Dutch Harbor.

Central Pacific: I get day and sink 3 CVs (only Wasp is left) including Shoho getting exactly the minimum 2 damage she needed to finish off Saratoga. The Allies respond by also sinking 3 CVs, plus disabling Hosho. The I-Boat hits Wasp - for 1 damage. Wasp takes Nagato down in pursuit but my cruisers escape.

Indonesia: The IJN get Day and sink the Exeter, after which the British retreat.

South Pacific: The crippled Sasebo unit invades Lae against no resistance. Yokosuka does not land.

Japan 3, Indonesia 3 South Pacific 2, Marianas 2, Marshalls 1, Aleutians 0 = 11
Bengal 1, Indian Ocean 0, Coral Sea 2, US Mandate 2, Hawaii 3, North Pacific 1 = 9
Net Japan +2
Total Japan +17

Turn 5

IJN Report: Central Pacific: I get Night and invade Midway without having to take any fire.

Aleutians: Dennis gets Day and sinks Suzuya, after which the I-Boat tries to finish off the Wasp from the damage she gave it last turn, but misses.

North Pacific: I get Day in the first round. I concentrate my fire on, and shoot down, the damaged LBA (with enough damage to have shot down the healthy one). This causes Dennis to feel he must concentrate on my LBA as well and then hope for Night, and he hits it for 3 damage. In the second round, I get Day again and shoot down the Naval AF and then have to sweat out his two return shots. He’s 11/36 to get it ….and he does. Shokaku and Tone withdraw with no pursuit possible.

Indonesia: The RN gets night and retreats to Ceylon.

Bay of Bengal: The Indomitable wins a Day round and misses the Kongo. Having successfully pulled Indomitable back from Indonesia, my battlecruisers make a hasty retreat and Indomitable understandably declines to chase them down alone.

Japan 3, Indonesia 3 South Pacific 2, Marianas 2, Marshalls 1, Central Pacific 1 = 12
Bengal 1, Coral Sea 2, US Mandate 2, Hawaii 3, North Pacific 1 = 9
Net Japan +3
Total Japan +20 (effectively 19.5 with the bid)

Turn 6

IJN Report: Marshalls: The first round is Day, and Mutsu and Kirishima are both sunk with no chance to fire on the patrollers. The I-Boat misses CV-16. The US invades Kwajalein with a Marine unit.

Indonesia: I get a Day round, ensuring the survival of the Sasebo unit, and my LBA sink the Prince of Wales to boot.

Japan 3, Indonesia 3, Marianas 2, Central Pacific 1 = 9
Bengal 1, Indian 0, Coral Sea 2, US Mandate 2, Hawaii 3, SPO 1, Marshalls 1, NPO 1, Aleutians 1 = 12
Net Allies +3
Total Japan +17 (effectively 16.5 with the bid)

Turn 7

IJN Report: Japanese Is: The first round is Night. I sink 2 cruisers and disable all 4 of his battleships (3 of them via heavy cruisers that rolled a ‘4’) plus the Wasp. Excellent news as this removes my worry of a lap in future night rounds. However, I take a pounding this round. Fuso, Maya, and Nachi are lost, plus Myoko is crippled. Myoko, Mogami and Yamashiro are disabled by the surface ships, and the F-Boat chips in by disabling Oi. With two bonus cruisers facing two standard cruisers I go for Night again and get it, but all I do is inflict 1 damage on Northampton while he disables Kitakami. Third round is Day. Cowpens is disabled and crippled to become a backwater patroller next turn, but in return the Allies hit the LBA – for 1 damage! I get another Day and disable Monterrey, but she shoots the LBA down!

Now Ryuho is the only patroller left, Dennis has no airpower left, and the Allies have a surface lap of one. Round 5 is Day-followed-by-Night. In the Day half I focus all my shots on Northampton[1] to maximum my odds of eliminating the wrap, and sink her. In the Night half, I sink Houston. Disaster averted. Houston misses her parting shot.

Indian Ocean: I get Night here as well and disable the patroller and a battleship. I also put 1 damage on Idaho and 2 damage on CV-16. Dennis concentrates on my cruisers and sinks both Takao and Atago.

Indonesia: It’s Day and the LBA sink both British cruisers.

Bay of Bengal: Round one is Night. Ramillies is disabled with 2 damage. In return, Ise also takes 2 damage. Devonshire retreats and is disabled to Ceylon while also disabling Aoba to Saigon. Zuikaku and Taiho air raid Ceylon but only achieve 1 damage on Shropshire.

Japan: Japanese Is 3, Indonesia 3 = 6
Allies: Coral Sea 2, USM 2, Hawaii 3, SPO 1, Marianas1, Marshalls 1, CPO 0, Aleutians 1, NPO 1 = 12
Net Allies +6
Total Japan +11 (effectively +10.5)

Turn 8

IJN Report: South Pacific: He’ll get 4 shots at Day or Night, I just want to avoid a Day-followed-by-Night, which I do, but Mississippi gets a disable on Kure

Marshalls: I get the Day I need, and Ryuho gets the hit she needs – but only for 2 damage. The LBA also gets the hit it needs – 2 hits in fact, obliterating Ryuho.

Indian Ocean: The USN gets a Day round and disables Kitakami away.

Marianas: The first round is Night. Mostly likely I need a disable. Instead I get a hit, crippling Tennessee but leaving it in the area. Now Dennis can concentrate all his shots on Yamashiro if he wants, ensuring Tennessee[5] will survive and make the LBA and the Yokosuka unit irrelevant. He decides to spread out his fire - and blows away both of my units.

Central Pacific: The USN gets a Night round and hits Chitose for 1 damage, rendering it inert.

Indonesia: We agree on Night. Massachusetts is damaged & disabled, while Hyuga, Hiei, and Furutaka are all sunk. The second round is Day, and Chiyoda misses while he sinks both of my remaining ships.

Japan: We both want Day in the first round (a tough call, as firing my CV at Night to let me fire at 1 or 2 of his is tempting). I have a decent round of fire, sinking CV-18, Bunker Hill, Ticonderoga, and Princeton, while disabling CV-10 and Essex. Dennis shoots lights-out, sinking Taiho, Unryu, and Amagi (the latter with just 2 shots apiece), crippling Hosho and Shokaku, shooting down 3 LBA, and damaging one of the remaining 2! The F-Boat then dings the Chokai for 1 damage. I get Night for next round and remove 4 of his 6 BB and 2 of his 7 CA, while putting 1 damage each on two other cruisers. Dennis removes all my BB but Musashi and all but 4 of my CA, but at least all 4 still have their bonus shots, and I also have crippled Shokaku to use as a makeshift cruiser.

The third round is Night again, and I concentrate on his BBs, hoping that I can end up with enough bonus CA left to beat his greater number of cruisers, in hopes of eventually hitting carriers with my cruisers, since my LBA are unlikely to win as it stands now. I disable New Jersey and sink Washington. Dennis blows away Kumano and Aoba, but New Jersey’s parting shots miss Musashi completely! Now I’m definitely going for more Nights, and I get one. Musashi sinks Quincy, Shokaku disables Wichita, but my bonus cruisers miss. The USN puts 4 damage on Musashi with 3 shots, and then gets compensation for New Jersey’s whiff as they disable Tone and Oi with 1 shot apiece.

Round 5 is a Day-Night. CV-12 is disabled and Intrepid is crippled in the day portion. Although Dennis can now use Intrepid as an extra cruiser for the Night portion, my LBA did what they needed to on offense; can they survive 18 incoming shots? Barely – Dennis finished off the injured LBA and put 3 damage on the other. In the day portion I disable a cruiser, but he gets his key disable on Musashi. I get a Night in round 6 again but the odds are against me. Shokaku and Canberra sink each other. In round 7, we go for a Day as I have no surface forces left. My last LBA sinks Langley but then is shot down.

Allies flag everything except Japanese Islands, Indonesia, and Central Pacific. I flag nothing.
Net: Allies +13
Total: Allies +2 (2.5 after the bid)

Congratulations Dennis, who I’m now 0-4 against all-time, for the win. It was a well-played, exciting, close game that came down to the end.

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