* * 2021-2023 Top 10 Invitational * *
Ed Paule (IJN; Bid 1) vs. Jim Eliason (USN)

The Menzel adjustments are in play.

After seven turns, Admiral Paule locked up the game with the Imperial Japanese Navy over Admiral Eliason, C-IN-C PAC, United States Navy.

"Check this out... Here's the ship graveyard at the end of turn 6 in the game Jim and I just completed:"

Ed writes, "That's right, zero USN BBs sunk! I don't think I've ever seen that before."

Jim comments, "many [US battleships] were heavily damaged, 7 bottomed on turn 1. I used every available repair point on turns 2-5, and there were 22 damage points remaining at the start of turn 6.

"And here's the turn 7 losses (shown in Manchuria). 9 Allied CVs sunk, and no IJN CVs or LBA sunk.

"I had little chance to avoid the lock, but terrible DN rolls and nuclear IJN CAs doomed the chance to even get close."

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