* * 2021-2023 Top 10 Invitational * *
Jim Eliason (IJN; No Bid) vs. Alan Applebaum (USN)

The Menzel adjustments are in play.

Jim Eliason's IJN defeated Alan Applebaum's Allies by 1 POC. We played the Menzel variant with no bid. It was a bizarre game. Turn 3 the Japanese lost battles in Indo and HI that I was favored to win and picked up only 2 POC. I contemplated resignation. Things got better, but I entered turn 8 up 11 POC but in a pretty desperate position. Then the dice gods smiled, and I stole POC in AL, NP, and SP with single raiding CVs. Taiho survived 7 bonus and 2 regular shots before shooting down the patrolling LBA. Raids into BoB and Mari failed. Indo went 13 rounds with the first 7 pure N. First round Alan fired three big CVs to get a 5+ shot at my marines, which disabled it. Surface fire removed 8 USN and three IJN CVs. My six LBA held Indo against his greatly depleted CV force and five LBA to make the last turn score 13-3.

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