Top Ten Invitational
Tournament Bracket
September 15th, 2021 - September 12th, 2023
Last Updated on September 17th, 2021

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Fleet Admiral
AREA Rating

Current Record

Ed Paule7451RMYH10-0
Ted Drozd6934SKLO00-0
John Pack6907ZUZP10-0
Daniel Blumentritt6822TPYK10-0
Jim Eliason6692UKZP10-0
Alan Applebaum6604XQZN10-0
Ed Menzel6541ZSZP10-0
Mike Kaye6350YKZJ10-0

The current record shows wins and losses in each of the player matches rather than individual game results (since players can optionally play a pair of games, one as each side, as their match). The top three get an automatic invitation to the next Top 10 Invitational!

* * * Pairings * * *

Ed P





Ed M

Start Date Timer Date End Date
Mike Ed M Alan Jim Daniel John Ted Ed P Sept. 15, 2021 Feb. 1, 2022 June 15, 2022
Ed M Alan Jim Mike John Ted Ed P Daniel Dec. 1, 2021 Apr. 15, 2022 Sept. 1, 2022
Alan Jim Daniel John Ted Ed P Mike Ed M Feb. 15, 2022 July 1, 2022 Nov. 15, 2022
Jim Daniel Mike Ted Ed P Ed M Alan John May 1, 2022 Sept. 15, 2022 Feb. 1, 2023
Daniel John Ted Ed P Ed M Mike Jim Alan July 15, 2022 Dec. 1, 2022 Apr. 15, 2023
John Mike Ed P Ed M Alan Jim Daniel Ted

Oct. 1, 2022

Feb. 15, 2023 July 1, 2023
Ted Ed P Ed M Alan Mike Daniel John Jim Dec. 15, 2022 May 1, 2023 Sept. 12, 2023

Players may initiate games whenever they choose but should start games no later than the start date shown.
Players may play more than one opponent at a time (and, in fact, this is pretty much required baring super-human speed).
Italics indicate games in progress; Bold indicates completed games.

* * * Round Robin Match-ups * * *

IJN vs.
Ed P Ted John Daniel Jim Alan Ed M Mike IJN vs.
Ed P X               Ed P
Ted  X             Ted
John     X Turn 2 (#OT2)
+6 (-0)
Daniel     X X         Daniel
Jim         X       Jim
Alan           X     Alan
Ed M             X   Ed M
Mike               X Mike
IJN vs.
Ed P Ted John Daniel Jim Alan Ed M Mike IJN vs.

Click on blue Turn headers to see more detail for the game!
Grey Background = Game in Progress
Light Blue or Light Red Background = Recently Completed
X = This game will not (or cannot) be played [i.e., single game match played].
Numbers after the turn number show the optional adjustments in use.
Number in parenthesis after the current score shows the bid.

* * * Qualifiers * * *
2023-2025 Top 10 Invitational

Name Qualification
  2022 Midwest Open Champion
  2022 World Boardgaming Championships Winner
  2023 Midwest Open Champion
  2023 World Boardgaming Championships Winner
  2021-2023 BPA Single-Elimination Champion
  2021-2023 Top 10 Invitational World PBEM Champion
  2nd Place in 2021-2023 Top 10 Invitational
  3rd Place in 2021-2023 Top 10 Invitational
  2021-2023 King-of-the-Hill Ladder Champion
  AREA Champion (as of September 1st, 2023)

Alternate Qualifiers

Name Qualification
  2021-2023 King-of-the-Hill Ladder - Most Wins
  2nd Place in AREA as of September 1st, 2023

Top 10 Invitational Format
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