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Tournament Brackets
Top Ten Invitational
BPA Single Elimination
King-of-the-Hill Ladder

Reigning Winners
Ed Paule: Five-time Champion of Champions
Darren Kilfara: BPA Champion
Ed O'Connor: King-of-the-Hill

PBEM Information
PBEM World Championship Format
Top 10 Invitational Format
BPA Single Elimination Format
King-of-the-Hill Ladder Format
Universal PBEM Format, Rules, and Guidelines
PBEM Rules Clarifications
Official VITP Rules Clarifications
Second Edition Rules
Quick Round Adjustments
Cumulative Win-Loss Record
PBEM Reporting Guidelines

Tournament Variants
Official Adjustments
Menzel Options
Open Turn Two

Major Face-to-Face Events
Midwest Open (Kenosha, WI)
MillenniumCon (Round Rock, TX)
World Boardgaming Championships (Lancaster, PA)
Pictures from the 2001 WBC

Update Java

Vassal Java Engine
Download VITP module for Vassal
Vassal Tutorial Videos

Other PBEM Playing Aides
Download Text File of Starting Positions
Download VITP module for Cyberboard
Wargame Processor (WGP)
Download VITP module for WGP
Aide de Camp II (ADC2)
Download VITP module for ADC2

VITP Articles, Strategy, and Humor Index

What does that A.R.E.A. rating mean?
What do those letters after my rating mean?
Complete A.R.E.A. ratings for VITP
Who do I contact for more information about A.R.E.A.? Glenn Petroski

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